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Blessing Blankets … update

A while back, I wrote about the blessing blankets I made for grandchildren — quilts with Bible promises on them. You can see the instructions and some examples at the original post. Today, I just wanted to update you with a few more photos …and I’ll be adding again, since I still need to finish start Shoshannah’s blanket after her arrival last month.

There are four blankets with similar squares, but all have different backs and borders, so the kids can tell them apart. Callan’s is turquoise silky material (from sari fabric, special to his mama as she was a missionary to India), Charlie’s is greenish, Caleb’s is winter white minky fabric, and Lochlan’s is gold sari fabric. (Some of the photos are before I hand quilted them, so excuse the safety pins!)Blessing Blanket -- Everyday Homemaking

For these (below), I used a different marker — it’s bit chunkier writing than I prefer (medium point instead of fine), but I did some wash-out tests and this seemed to last best.  The one issue I had with Sharpie is that they could manage through washing, but something in baby drool (enzymes?) washed the lettering out!   Top photo: Pieced, but not yet lettered–a lot of scraps used (cousins would receive these so I wanted them to be similar but distinct)

baby blessing blanket


I ended up with these different markers — called Tee Markers Medium Point — from JoAnn Fabrics. This is after washing (pardon the shadow–bad lighting)–they all started as dark black. I like the fine point width but it’s way too sketchy and catches on the fabric.

Blessing blanket

I had just enough minky fabric left to make a little “lovey” for a toddler who was giving up his pacifier at that birthday. I thought he might like a little something soft and cuddly for comfort at bedtime, so I used a favorite ribbon (his room has elephants) and a small bit of minky fabric — about 3 x 7 inches, finished. Just the right size for next to a pillow or in the car seat or in a jacket pocket.

lovey Here’s the last one I made in that batch, for our last arrival last year.

Blessing blankets

This year, I’ve got one more to make, so I’ll add that soon! (I am so blessed to have SO many blankets to make!)




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