Pizza with Less Mess

Here you can follow the process from dough to pizza box. I am not a professional baker; I’m a mom with a mill and a mixer and a desire to provide yummy, wholesome bread for her babies. Hopefully, seeing some of the process “in action” will be helpful as you make pizza from a pizza recipe (see Easy Pizza Dough in Everyday Cooking) or my bread recipe. From a standard two-loaf bread recipe, I make two large rectangular pizzas, two or three 15-inch, or three 12-inch pizzas.

Homemade Pizza (step 1) -- Everyday Homemaking

1. One pizza’s dough, on parchment, atop flat cookie sheet. This is 100% whole grain dough (the dark specks are ground flax seeds).

Homemade Pizza (step 2) -- Everyday Homemaking

2.Roll the dough out to fit pizza stone (which is preheating in oven). If needed, trace stone onto parchment before heating stone.

Homemade Pizza (step 3) -- Everyday Homemaking

3. Simple sauce: half an 8-oz can tomato sauce.

Homemade Pizza (step 4) -- Everyday Homemaking

4. Add about 1 Tbsp Italian seasoning; spread by hand (or spoon back) to edges of crust.

Homemade Pizza (step 4b) -- Everyday Homemaking

5. Pizza crust covered with sauce and spices.

Homemade Pizza (step 5) -- Everyday Homemaking

6. Add Mozzarella cheese and other cheeses, as desired.

Homemade Pizza (step 5) -- Everyday Homemaking

7. Here I’ve added some freshly-grated Parmesan atop the Mozzarella.

Homemade Pizza (step 6) -- Everyday Homemaking

8. Our toppings: fresh spinach and turkey pepperoni, cut into fourths with kitchen scissors.

Homemade Pizza (step 6) -- Everyday Homemaking

9. Add toppings as desired. We all have different tastes: black olives, onions, yellow squash…

Homemade Pizza (step 7) -- Everyday Homemaking

10. Stone is preheated on lowest oven rack. I heat to 500. Your stone may say 450 max temp.

Homemade Pizza  -- Everyday Homemaking

11. Butting cookie sheet up to edge of stone, carefully slide parchment/pizza completely onto the stone. Watch your fingers!

Homemade Pizza  -- Everyday Homemaking

12. After 6-7 minutes, butt cookie sheet (“pizza peel”) back against front edge of stone. Slide parchment by front edge onto cookie sheet to remove from oven. (You are transferring parchment with pizza from the stone onto the cookie sheet, leaving stone in oven.)

Homemade Pizza  -- Everyday Homemaking

13. Hold parchment with your finger or thumbs and slide pizza off the parchment into a pizza box or onto clean newspaper (to absorb moisture).

Homemade Pizza  -- Everyday Homemaking

14. Pizza should slide right off the parchment. Toss the paper – no mess!

Homemade Pizza  -- Everyday Homemaking

15. Mmmm mmm! The finished pizza!

Homemade Pizza  -- Everyday Homemaking

16. Pizza made on a rectangular stone. Notice the four separate topping quadrants.

Here are some personal pizzas made the same way:

Pizza -- Everyday Homemaking


Thicker crust–made with bread recipe.

Pizza -- Everyday Homemaking

Individual-size pizzas topped by very young grandchildren! Pizza on the left is a “white” pizza without tomato sauce–replaced with Ricotta, Mozzarella, and Parmesan cheeses.

For recipes and more instructions, see Everyday Cooking.

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