Quick Sandwich Rolls from a Dinner Roll Dough

Some days I want rolls for sandwiches, but I don’t feel like divvying the dough, rolling them up, etc. So here’s the “cheater” method that gets sandwich rolls from the flour (or grain) bin to fix-a-sandwich in about 60 minutes.

I started with the 60-Minute Dinner Roll recipe from Everyday Cooking. This makes 16 standard dinner rolls (or 24 minis), but since I want them bigger for meal-size sandwiches, I’ll plan on one dozen per batch. So I decided on two batches so I can have a good stash in the freezer. (Here’s what they look like as dinner rolls or minis….)

60-Minute Dinner Rolls from Everyday Cooking


So here’s the double dough batch, rising….

Double batch of dough from mixer, rising

and after a 15-minute rise:

15-minute rise  – That’s a dinner teaspoon


I deflated the puffed dough, turned it quickly into a “ball,” and gave that a quick dredge in flour before putting it on my silicone mat to shape into sandwich rolls….

Rolled in flour


Then I rolled it out on the silicone mat to a thickness of about 1/2 to 3/4 inch (if you like your rolls thicker, roll the dough thicker)….

Rolling out the dough


I used my bench knife to cut the dough into 12 “squares” – just eyeball them–they don’t have to be perfect. The corner ones will be slightly rounded–these don’t have to be exact. If you use another sort of knife, be careful not to cut your silicone. (If you don’t have silicone, use a piece of parchment that will fit on your large cookie sheet.) No measuring, no weighing dough, no rolling up little dough balls….

Cut the dough

I let the dough rise for about 15 min while the oven preheated to 350. (Because I was doing two batches, I moved my oven racks to positions 2 and 5 in my oven to give adequate spacing for heat circulation.) You can see how the dough has puffed up somewhat. Because I am making sandwich rolls (not regular dinner rolls), I don’t want these big and puffy–I want to taste the sandwich filling!

After a 15 min rise.


Baked for 20 minutes in a 350 oven, until they register 190-200 on an instant-read thermometer (they are a bit darker than they look–wonky lighting as I leaned into the oven. Wow. Guess it’s time to scrub the oven rack. Oops. Keepin’ it real, folks!)

Ideal bread temp


Out of the oven — you can get an idea of the height I was aiming for. They remind me a bit of ciabatta rolls, but are very soft.

Soft, tender crumb inside.

Out of the oven


A few quick sandwiches

(BTW, the fried egg on this sandwich was made in a jiffy — non-stick! — in a STAINLESS STEEL mini skillet. For more on cooking non-stick in stainless steel, you’ll want to check out this post.)

I even have several bags of rolls to pop into the freezer for next week!

What do you like on YOUR sandwiches?

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For recipes and tips, see my cookbook, Everyday Cooking (available in pomegranate or blue cover, in print or e-book)…..

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