Scrambled Eggs in a Stainless Steel Pan

Scrambled Eggs in a Stainless Steel Pan

Scrambled Eggs in a Stainless Steel Pan

I know I showed you the photos of the egg fried in my stainless steel skillet, but some folks asked about scrambled eggs. And even worse–CHEESE eggs.

So I finally got around to a quick video of the scrambled egg process in stainless steel.I had to video in three parts to load from my camera, so I apologize for the lack of continuity. I made the video in a hurry to post to a friend’s page when the question came up.

(Also, I was videotaping while holding a bulky Canon DSLR in one hand, trying to see the screen on the back, and cook with one hand, so forgive the amateur-ish results…but you can SEE that the pan doesn’t stick, even after adding cheese. The one little place it “looks” stuck is where I grabbed the silicone spatula instead of the rubber, nylon, or metal spatula–you can see at the end that the other spatula removes the egg cleanly.)

The Video Version….

Eggs in a stainless steel skillet, part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3 (adding the cheese):

EASY PEASY in photos…

I preheated the skillet at just over the medium mark for about 1 minute, while I whisked the two eggs. (Heating the pan first causes the pores of the metal to close, creating a smooth surface to be “non-stick.”) You’ll see I then added barely a smear of the lecithin/oil mixture I keep on my counter in place of a spray or butter. Here’s the burner setting on my Maytag stove (on my old GE Profile, it would have been a 6):

After I rinsed out the pan and gave it a swish with a bit of dish soap and my Norwex netted dish cloth (available in blue or gray), it was ready to dry off and pop back into the drawer.


The pan in the videos is the 11-inch skillet from my waterless cookware set…

About my particular waterless cookware

The set of waterless cookware I have also comes in a 7-ply version; there are extra layers specifically intended for use on an induction cooktop. If you don’t have an induction cooktop, the 5-ply would likely be quite sufficient. There is virtually no perceptible difference in the weight from a cook’s perspective. However, the 5-ply also passes the magnet test for induction cooking.




See my earlier post with the fried egg photos and LOTS more info on stainless steel / waterless cookware:

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