Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

Some of the links on this site are affiliate and referral links, for Amazon and other companies, which earn me a small “finder’s fee” when someone makes a qualifying purchase through one of these links, without costing the customer anything extra.

For example, if I share a link to a book that costs $10, you’ll click that link and pay   –wait for it……..–    $10 for the book. The company then sends me, say,  $0.20. You win – found a great new book. They win – sold a book to someone who might not have heard about it otherwise. I win – earned a small percentage of the sale. Woohoo us!

I will also sometimes post about a product, company, etc. in exchange for a product, a fee, or some other sort of (totally legal) compensation.

Any and all times I share links or reviews, etc., it’s going to be my honest-to-goodness opinion and I won’t share stuff that’s totally irrelevant to the purpose of this blog. That means no posts for fly fishing gear or hotels in Las Vegas, but you’ll see links and reviews for things like bakeware, homeschool curriculum, mills and mixers, or our favorite snack foods and recipes.

Any referrals or post payments are what help to cover the hosting costs to keep this site up, and help compensate for my time in writing and managing the blog and related social accounts. I don’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it’s nice to have extra funds for things such as buying the new mill to demo so I can give you an honest review, or the 50 pounds of flour to try all the sourdough recipes so I can do video tutorials for you!

Thank you for supporting Everyday Homemaking – our family’s small business!