L’BRI Pure n’ Natural

Aloe-based skincare and cosmetics

After years of using another popular skin care line, I was asked by my husband and my dermatologist to move to a line with healthier ingredients. After much research, I found L’BRI Pure n’ Natural. They offered a one-week trial supply/travel set for just the cost of shipping, and after that one week, I was hooked!

I appreciated what was in the products as well as what was not! (See graphics below for more details.) I loved how it made my skin feel and look (the fruit enzyme facial peel is gentle but makes my skin feel smooth as glass!), it didn’t have strong scents, and it was budget friendly. Because aloe is the first ingredient in virtually every skin care product in the line, the products are highly concentrated and I use very tiny amounts at a time (and I’m not paying for water!). The basic set is suggested to last about 3 to 4 months, but mine always lasts longer.

Check out my basic gallery below, and I’ve also made a few very informal videos to show how I use the products. These were originally done for an online show we did, so it’s pretty casual and may refer to the hostess (who earned free product for hosting), but these can give you an idea of how to use the basic line, the facial add-ons, some basic makeup ideas, a bit more glam, and then our anti-aging and spa-type products. Note that the first video has a fair amount of intro info, since it’s the first one, but the others pretty much jump right into the topic.

Each month, we offer sale specials and hostess specials — and this month’s specials overlap with next month’s specials for the last week of the current month, so for a whole week, you can shop from both sets of special offers!

The “skin care advisor” quiz on the website (in green box on side of screen) helps narrow down which skin type set would be best for you.

And the 60-day money-back guarantee takes the risk out of giving it a try!

Please let me know how I can help you take care of the only skin you have.

-Vicki Bentley, L’BRI Independent Consultant


To scroll through the gallery, click on the first photo and it will enlarge it and give you the option to “arrow” through.