Blessing Blankets – Yet Another Update

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I’ve had a lot of interest in the Blessing Blankets I’ve been making for my grandchildren. You can see the how-to post with instructions and a few photos, and then the follow-up post with more photos, such as this one:

Today I finally finished my most recent granddaughter’s blanket, and I hope to work very soon on the most recent arrival, another grandson (grandbaby #23, who is now a month old — Grandma is getting slack!).

Here are a few photos of Shoshannah’s blanket in progress… (The lighting isn’t very good; it’s actually a little pinker in real life than it looks here.)

Adding the verses….

After pinning the quilt “sandwich” of top, batting, and back…


Pinned for hand quilting….

See the original “how to make the blankets” tutorial post

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