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Family Favorite Chocolate Cake

This is the cake recipe (jump to bottom to skip all the photos) that serves as the foundation for many other cakes we have at our family gatherings. I am not a great cake decorator but when a kiddo needs a birthday cake, at least it tastes good! Cupcakes? Family […]

English Muffins – Basic Recipe

I tend to stress-cook. I try not to stress-eat, but there is something therapeutic about taking control in the kitchen, experimenting, sharing the fruit of my labor with my family (and neighbors)…..  And these English muffins are a favorite because there’s something calming to me about the sameness of each […]

My Office Overhaul (Part 1)

I’ve been working on purging some things and organizing the house a bit more, now that I’m not working three+ jobs so I have a bit more free time on my hands to do home projects. Thought I’d share some progress — I am not even close to “done” nor […]

Bosch Universal Plus and a few accessories

Some of my favorite mixer and mill options! Create a “customize your own bundle” with Nutrimill and Bosch products at Nutrimill’s website! Or check out the Mother’s Day special sales! (Limited time offer; while supplies last. ) Sale on     Artiste    OR    Bosch Universal Plus  while supplies last. […]

The new cookbook is at the printer! SAVE 20%!

When I ran out of cookbooks last time, I figured it was a good time for a revision/update. Not only did I add more recipes that have become staples in our house (going from 199 to 224 pages), I also tweaked a few oldies to make them clearer and added […]

10 Last-Minute Christmas Ideas for Families

Many families gear down to a more relaxed school routine during the week (or weeks!) before Christmas. Our family deliberately took off four weeks in December so we could enjoy the activities and traditions of the season—we just considered it a Christmas unit study, with a home economics, practical arts, […]

Help Me Choose a New Planner

Updated for 2024:   It’s that time again for my ADD self to organize my brain/days in a paper planner. I’ve tried digital — I use digital at work but not by choice, and it’s just not what comes naturally to me. I always end up reaching for paper. My first […]

How I Store My Silicone Baking Mats

In an ideal world, I’d have a big drawer where I could lay my silicone baking mats — Silpat, for example —  out flat (like my friend Laura does — she has an AMAZING kitchen!). I am happy with my kitchen and the drawers aren’t going to get any bigger, […]

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

Some days I’m hungry for that chicken pot pie flavor but may not want the crust for one reason or another (mostly because my husband is not a pie crust fan)….and this is a simple, one pot meal! It also makes enough to feed about eight people, so it’s a […]

Grateful for a Helping Hand

I’m participating in a challenge to comment on 30 Days of Gratitude. You know the sort: It makes its rounds of the internet — especially around Thanksgiving —  and challenges you with categories of things to be thankful for. I tend to fizzle out around Day 5 because I get […]