Last-Minute Christmas Ideas for Busy Families

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Gingerbread house fun! Photo credit: Rebekah McBride,

I know it’s already mid-December, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to encourage you in this holiday season, so here are a few past posts/articles I thought were worth a reprise!


Daddy & son snuggling up by the light of the tree to read a story…memories in the making. Photo credit Rebekah McBride,


Giving “Thanks” The holidays are just around the corner, and that often means gift-giving . . . and receiving—which prompts an appropriate show of appreciation: a thank-you note. Once children are old enough to scribble with crayon on paper, they can help send a note of appreciation. Read more about thank-you notes. . . .

The joy of childhood at Christmas! Photo credit, Rebekah McBride,


Looking for new traditions to help you focus on Jesus as you celebrate the season? Rachel Ramey shares her ideas in her book, Finding Christ in the Christmas Tree (available in e-book or paperback version; affiliate link below).

Helping dad pick just the right tree….
Hey, I see the perfect tree! (Photo credits, Rebekah McBride,


Holidays as Homeschool Curriculum—Do you ever feel stuck in the day-to-day sameness of your school routine? If you circle the holidays on your calendar, you can have not just instant mini-units, but family fun and fond memories. Celebrate! And you don’t have to make a major production out of a holiday to make it special—sometimes the impromptu celebrations of seemingly insignificant moments are the most memorable.

“The first snow of the year” snowman pancakes; photo credit (and pancake credit)


10 Last-Minute Christmas Ideas for Busy Families—Does your family gear down to a more relaxed homeschool routine during the week (or weeks) before Christmas? I’ve assembled a few creative last-minute ideas to help you simply enjoy some family time.


Baking fun! Photo credit Rebekah McBride,


A Recipe for Holiday Fun—and Cookies!  In our house, it just isn’t the Christmas season without a marathon baking day with all the sisters and as many grandkids as we can gather—with our favorite holiday music providing the atmosphere, of course. We always have a joyful time of decorating (and tasting).  And the great thing about our go-to recipe is that it doesn’t require refrigerating the dough. This is awesome because I usually forget to do that sort of thing in advance, so this recipe simplifies my cookie-baking.



Wishing you a joy-filled holiday season!


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