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Vicki Bentley, Norwex Independent Consultant



In the fall of 2012, my good friend Cris mentioned that she’s been using Norwex for several years and had recently signed up as a consultant primarily to get a discount on her own products, but she didn’t think she’d ever sell, because she just wasn’t a “salesperson.”

Now, I’d seen a Norwex catalog a few years earlier, and I remember thinking, “Whoa! $16 for a cleaning rag? No way!” And I didn’t bother attending the demo. But I told Cris, if she wanted to, she could practice on me. So she came up to see me, did about 3 product demos, and within 20 minutes, I knew I had to sign up.

The idea of cleaning faster, easier, and healthier was attractive. And as I later learned, it’s cheaper! But the healthier was huge for me—I had a baby who would be crawling on the floor. I didn’t want him breathing fumes, putting his cleanser-contaminated hands in his mouth, licking window cleaner off the windows and glass door, and more! I now do about 90% of my cleaning with just water. And talk about saving money–I haven’t bought paper towels or toxic cleaners since October 2012! (You can do the math.)

This video really encapsulates what first drew me to make this change:

And that’s a big part of why I do what I do….( I still cry when I watch this video. I use Norwex to protect my family’s health. I have grandkids and little visitors here regularly, and they deserve a safe haven) ….

I’m a mom of 8, foster mom of 50, and grandma to 23 (so far) and ggma to 6 (so far). I wish I’d found Norwex YEARS ago….I’ve used it now for more than 8 years and it’s revolutionized how I clean! Learn how to make your house a safe haven–reduce the chemicals in your household and personal care products – faster, cleaner, healthier cleaning–and less expensive in the long run. (Really. It is. I have a game where we do a cost comparison–let’s play it at your party!)


Here’s a bit of info about our microfiber and how it works so effectively to remove dirt, grime, and 99% of bacteria from surfaces:

About our BASIC ENVIROCLOTH (think E for Everything!)

A FEW BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS   (click on photo to view larger)

(Some photos are mine; some are from fellow consultants, used with permission)

















“Kids and Toxic Chemicals”

“Cleaning Products are as Bad for Your Lungs as Smoking 20 Cigarettes a DAY”

And of course, a video from Norwex….”Why Norwex?” …..


“Cleaning….Has been shown to remove up to 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses from surfaces using microfiber and water in tests published by the EPA.” (page 19)
“Microfiber (preferably ultra-fine high quality microfiber) cleaning cloths and mops work well for removing organic matter (dirt, oils, grease) as well as germs from surfaces.” (page 34)
“Cotton cloths do not clean surfaces or capture germs as well as microfiber. They can actually spread germs from one surface to another. They do not last as long as micro- fiber after frequent washing. The use of cotton with a quaternary disinfectant can reduce the effectiveness of the disinfectant.” (Page 37)



Okay, so you might be thinking, “That’s great to clean off some dirt or grime, but I’ll still need bleach to clean my counters.” NOPE!

I do this demo in person for my live parties (so we’ll see if I can figure out how to video on FB) but for those of you who may not be able to attend a live party (or are wary of actually CLEANING with these), here’s a demo by my colleague Meighan…we call it the Chicken Demo (and I’ll do this in person at any local-to-VA parties). It’s a must-see!

And another AMAZING video by my good friend Lise — you HAVE to watch this one!


We have a 60-day return policy for starters, and all our microfiber products carry a two-year guarantee (although everyone I know has had theirs YEARS longer). Other products have varying guarantees. We back our products. See the catalog link for all the guarantee info.

I love to help folks learn more about creating safe havens, cleaning faster and more efficiently, saving money AND time, and I love to have fun doing it! We can do an in-home demo, an office stop-by gathering, a book/catalog party (with a special theme, if you really want to get creative!), or an online Facebook event.

If you would like to know more, give me a call at 540-678-8939 or check out my Norwex website.  Register an account there (no purchase necessary) to be added to the mailing list to learn of specials, and I invite you to join my VIP Facebook group!


Norwex – Clean Less, Live More!

BUT WAIT! There’s MORE!….

For those of you who persevered till the end of the page…some entertainment:  A few of my wacky videos (and you will now know why I am not doing live video yet…much to learn!)…..

Bathroom Cleaner (formerly Blue Diamond) — I had not planned to video but was so excited, I had to RUN upstairs (operative word: run) to get Jim’s phone and RUN back down and then video/wash/rinse/hold pot all by myself while trying to catch my breath.

Netted Dish Cloth to clean flour mess — If you bake or make pizza or have kids who spill flour, you HAVE to see this…. videotaping at about 1 a.m.




FREE downloadable “how to do it” chore cards — How to use Norwex products for 30+ common household tasks. This card set makes a great tool for your kids, your mom, your cleaning help, or YOU! 🙂 Print out on card stock and cut out.  (Part of The Everyday Family Chore System)