Finding Grace(land)

Laugh and learn with Jim Bentley as he shares lessons God has taught him in almost half a century (so far) of marriage to his high school sweetheart.

From the infamous Graceland excursion … to a hilarious tire blow-out on a cross-country move … to that disastrous Olan Mills photo shoot, and many other riotous accounts, this dad of eight daughters (and foster dad to almost 50) gives you a glimpse into a few of their [mis]adventures and encourages you to be intentional on your own journey to a joy-filled, purpose-led, covenant-based marriage.

  Paperback, 242 pages. $15.99


Author Jim Bentley delivers marriage lessons that are timely, relevant, applicable, and Christ-centered. And he does it with heart and humor! I read through this book once and am about to read through it a second time with my wife. The writing is so fluid that  you feel like Bentley is talking to you rather than reading words from a page. The takeaways from this book included a fresh view of my marriage, a newfound appreciation for my wife, and a desire to prioritize my relationship. Well done, Mr. Bentley! Highly recommend to all readers!   – Jay, Amazon reviewer

I have known Jim Bentley for over 25 years. He’s a man of integrity and godly character. The biblical principles in his book will sustain, revive and mature any relationship between a man and a woman when put to practice in a marriage that is fully surrendered to Christ. This book is not just a purchase but an investment in the lives of those reading it. In today’s world we need godly men willing to lay down their life so others can grow spiritually and become the parents and marriage partners in order to set the godly example this generation so desperately needs. Jim Bentley is that man.          – Kevin Almond, author of Unity: It’s Every Christian’s Call and Walking in the Wisdom of God’s Love

Great to see a great book from a great friend. Jim has been an encouragement to us over the the years in his sharing of lessons and experience gained over many years in dealing with so many life and organizational challenges. He always shares and helps not as an “expert” (although he has great expertise) but as a gracious and caring friend & neighbour. It will be a help to many!  – Gerald Huebner, Chairman of the Board of Global Home Education Exchange and of HSLDA Canada

I read it in two sittings. It’s a quick, but powerful read. I recommend it for every man (or woman) who wants to be better at marriage. It’s written primarily for men. But there’s a lot we women can take from it, as well. It’s funny and wise at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.   – S. Ramey, Amazon reviewer

I’ve known Jim & Vicki for a long time! The man walks in integrity and has a firsthand knowledge of leadership on many levels, first & foremost – his family! I fully endorse this book.
         – Rev. Rudy Hugo, former president of HomeSchool NY
This book stands out from all the other marriage books I’ve read for its humor. I’ve found myself laughing through the stories and then realizing practical steps I need to take in my own marriage. While the book talks to men a lot, I’ve found it very helpful as a woman, too. It flushes out in a very practical and engaging way (no dry sermons here) what it means to walk in love within our marriages and to make them what God intended.   -K.A.L., Amazon reviewer

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Jim Bentley, MBA, is a certified business consultant, former non-profit executive director, and veteran U.S. Army officer. Most importantly, as a father of eight, grandfather of twenty-three, and great-granddad to ten (so far), Jim loves God and has a passion for encouraging and supporting godly marriages and strong families, alongside his high school sweetheart, Vicki.