Home Education 101: A Mentoring Program for New Homeschoolers

For leaders or veteran homeschoolers helping others get started on the homeschool journey….“Home Education 101 is a wonderful tool that helps veteran homeschooling parents encourage and help equip those new to home education….covers the most important foundational topics and offers a lot of practical ideas. In addition to covering topics like choosing curriculum, understanding learning styles, etc. there is a lot of practical help in the areas of home organization, time management, lesson planning, and even meal planning. Helping moms get a handle on the area of home and family management is a vital component in the success of their home education journey.”

Home Education 101: A Mentor’s Manual

Home Education 101–a tool to encourage and equip new homeschoolers! Covers basic topics of interest to first- or second-year homeschooling parents: how to begin, choosing curriculum, recordkeeping, lesson planning, testing & evaluations, learning styles, home management for homeschoolers, and more. Nine lessons. Glossy cover; perfect binding. 260+ pages. Revised/updated January 2022. Original contains a VA appendix, but may be used in any state. Appendix can be custom printed with state-specific information; contact the author for details. Designed to be used family to family or in a small group setting. Great support group resource! Companion workbook available; contact author for bulk discount info. STATE- /PROVINCIAL-SPECIFIC versions available for Oregon, Nevada, Virginia, and Ontario.

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NOTE: This manual contains the entire contents of the parent workbook, plus the additional mentor/resource material; may be used as a stand-alone book.

“The mentor’s manual is easy to use, well-written, and does not require a lot of advance preparation for the leader….allows for the leaders to share their experiences and examples from their own lives. It also encourages dialogue between the moms/parents in the group. The moms in our group were so encouraged to know that, as veteran homeschooling moms, we are not perfect and we have struggled with many of the same things they are dealing with. It gave them hope and a great sense of “I can do this!” to hear how we have overcome different challenges in our own homeschool journeys.” –N.M.

Perfect-bound: $37.99

Spiral binding: $44.99

E-book/digital download: $34.99

“I was delighted to be part of a small group of women in Arizona who used the Home Education 101 workbook. It was a wonderful book packed full of homeschool information and ideas. We were able to see and hear the author’s point of view, but we were also able to incorporate the techniques and suggestions into our own homeschool life. The sharing and camaraderie that we established made way for the support and friendship necessary for homeschool beginners. I would recommend this resource to any small group or community of homeschoolers who wish to get a ‘jump start’ into finding a passion and vision for their personal homeschool environment.”

AND for families who are getting started and have all the questions…..

  • Is it legal?
  • Do I need a degree?
  • What about socialization?
  • What do I teach them?
  • What if my kids are all at different levels?
  • Where do I get materials?
  • How do I know what they know?
  • Where do I begin? . . . and so many more questions!

Home Education 101 was designed just for you!

This basic course does not replace the local support group, but offers new homeschoolers a small-group opportunity to meet with other parents in “the same boat” to learn about topics of interest specifically to first- or second-year homeschoolers, guided by a veteran homeschool mentor with a heart to lead new homeschool parents on this Journey of a Lifetime. (Click on book cover above to see all the great topics!)

“The manual is terrific….The class was a God-send! The support of being on this journey with other real people with real challenges was very encouraging. [My mentor] did an excellent job and surpassed my expectations! I would highly recommend this course to any new homeschooling mom.”

“The small group setting really facilitated discussion…We were able to share our questions and concerns, and the mentor tailored our discussions to meet our specific needs – it was wonderful! Thank you for this opportunity!”

Home Education 101: Parent Workbook

Parent workbook for Home Education 101 mentoring program for newer homeschoolers. Covers basic topics of interest to first- or second-year homeschooling parents, including how to begin, choosing curriculum, recordkeeping, lesson planning, testing & evaluations, learning styles, home management for homeschoolers, and more. Nine lessons. Designed to be used in conjunction with leader’s guide (Home Education 101: A Mentor’s Manual) in a small group setting or family to family. Glossy color cover; 230+ pages. Group discount for 10+ books; contact us at www.homeschoolwithconfidence.com.
Perfect-bound: $24.99

“…The Home Education 101 mentoring classes helped to encourage me in my decision and empower me in my abilities to teach my children, provided the comic relief of other newbies in the homeschooling arena, and forged friendships between like-minded women.  These are invaluable tools!  The topics each week were also relevant and useful, but the bond of friendship … is what I have appreciated the most.  My family now meets regularly two days each week with different families of the women involved in my small mentoring group…The women I met through Home Education 101 are going the long journey with me….” – C.F.

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