How to Use the Dough Hook Extender for the Bosch Universal Plus

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For years, cooks used the Bosch Universal mixer with the original dough hook, with much success. Even after the Universal Plus was released, the same dough hook has worked well for thousands of bakers—but for some who were concerned about small-batch kneading, Bosch came out with a dough hook extender. Here you can see the dough hook and the optional add-on extender (in front of my many-years-old machine):

dough hook and extender

The purpose of the extender is to facilitate more kneading action down lower in the bowl, guiding a small batch of dough to the kneading arm. Here you can see what the dough hook looks like without the extender—it does go quite far down the bowl:

The dough hook extender goes onto the center post first, then the dough hook goes on second (oops–I was in the middle of using the machine and did a quickie clean-up between batches but missed a bit of flour on the machine to quickly snap these photos!)

They snap together to provide more “push” to the dough as it enters the kneading arms:

You can see the extension distance here:

Today, someone asked about how the extender attaches or how it works. So here’s a short video to show how the extender fits in with the original dough hook. (This was an impromptu video for our Facebook group, and I’m holding a 35mm camera with one hand and trying to manipulate two parts of the attachments with the other hand, so this is definitely not a pro video!)

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