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When I ran out of cookbooks last time, I figured it was a good time for a revision/update. Not only did I add more recipes that have become staples in our house (going from 199 to 224 pages), I also tweaked a few oldies to make them clearer and added some variations.

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Then I rearranged recipes to make them easier to find, and cross-referenced the index so you don’t have to always know exactly what a recipe is called (in case you can’t remember it was Grandma Appleby’s Great Bay Fish Chowder or Family Favorite Chocolate Cake).

Some additions include pan-seared balsamic chicken thighs (which sounds fancy but — you know me — is pretty quick and simple to make), overnight Danish pastries, several cake frostings, more low-carb offerings, sourdough pancakes, and pressure cooker recipe updates…to name just a few.

I like to think of it as “getting dinner on the table the SAME day you homeschool” (or work….or get through the day….). Check out these reviews from about 50 busy moms who tested the cookbook with their families!

Life’s been hectic, but the new edition is finally at the printer….. Perfect for busy households — like yours! It’s packed with tips, tricks, and family-tested recipes to streamline your cooking and maybe even motivate your family to help in the kitchen!

I could save printing costs by going perfect bound paper (instead of glossy heavy coated paper – think “wipeable” – with spiral binding), but I know I want a spiral in my kitchen (and this IS the cookbook that sits out on my counter All. The. Time) and I won’t offer you anything less. So although my cost has gone up considerably since the last edition (hasn’t everything these days?), I’m barely raising the cookbook price — basically to cover the increased shipping I incur to get the print books — to keep it as affordable as I can for your everyday homemaking use (and gift giving!).

Even better: Until the cookbook actually arrives, I’m offering a PRE-ORDER SPECIAL  — Save 20% by ordering now. You pay only $19.99 if you order before my printer gets the books here.

And if you are a digital cook, there’s a pdf version at a savings–available now–no wait for the printer shipment!

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