TOS Review Crew – Everyday Cooking

Thank you so much for reading my book and for your willingness to share your honest opinion. Your complimentary, review copy of the newly revised Everyday Cooking is below. (The book is available in two cover color options—the content is identical.)

Everyday Cooking is a recipe book of simple, wholesome, quick-to- make, yummy foods—as well as kitchen tips for busy families! These really are the foods we eat regularly, and this is the cookbook my girls all took with them when they left home.

You’ll see that, while the emphasis is on whole foods cooking, we are not purists, and you’ll find our favorite Jello salad recipe, etc. We do try to avoid white sugar and white flour and I give substitutions throughout the book.

As a mom of eight and foster mom of fifty, I didn’t have a lot of time for fancy cooking—just healthy, simple, tasty dishes. While it is not intended as a cooking course, many moms have shared that their teens love to use Everyday Cooking because the recipes are fast and easy.

I hope it is a blessing to you and your family.

Kind regards,
Vicki Bentley
Practical ideas for busy families

P.S. This book is available to the general public in e-book format ($15.99) as well as print version ($19.99). We are currently in the process of fixing a broken shopping cart and all should be well by review time.  🙂

Everyday Cooking e-book BLUE 2017

EverydayCooking e-book RED 2017

The cookbook is currently available in two cover colors (the previewers couldn’t decide which was the favorite!), so you are welcome to choose to download either one. The content is identical.