Layered Flatbread

Layered Indian Flatbread (Paratha)

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Paratha, or a layered Indian flatbread.
I was inspired by my beautiful friend Stephanie over at to try a layered Indian flatbread. Since I’ve never actually had it before, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be like, but I liked it.
(You can find the original recipe here:

Basically, pie crust beginnings: Flour, salt, butter/oil….Added water, stirred with a fork — pie crust consistency…

Notice that the bowl is clean–I used the dough ball to clean the sides of the bowl, then covered to rest it for 20 min, to relax so it will roll out…..

 Divided into fourths…

Rolled each fourth into a very thin rectangle. You can see how thin it is at the edge…

Pleating the rolled-out sheet. NOTE that I forgot to dust this first one with flour till I’d started rolling and then forgot to take a photo. You’ll want to dust the buttered surface lightly with flour before pleating….

This is what the pleated bit looks like….

Roll the pleated length around itself and pinch shut…. 

I rolled each out from the pleated rolls. (You can sort of see the spirals in the flattened disks.) I rolled them about 1/8 inch thick.

This is after about 20 seconds in the cast iron skillet. The skillet was dry originally, but several applications of butter on the flipped breads sort of greased the pan. (Had I rolled these on an oiled counter instead of a floured counter, I would not have flour bits in the pan.)

Cook in the pan till you see the bread bubble up slightly. The butter in the layers is creating steam to create flaky layers, like a very soft pie crust. Here I tore it open so you can see the flaky layers….

These were super with just some butter brushed on straight out of the pan, or with garlic butter. But wait…there’s more!
My husband didn’t care for it, then I realized it’s essentially a soft version of a flaky layered pie crust (he doesn’t like pie crust). So… I just needed to make another batch of chocolate pudding to scoop up with this paratha! Without the garlic….. these are yummy when I want a small “chocolate pie” fix!
Paratha topped with a bit of chocolate pudding and rolled…
(See the recipe for the chocolate filling in the Chocolate-filled Paratha post!)
Flaky enough to satisfy my pie crust craving, chocolate enough for the chocolate craving….. 🙂 And pretty easy to make!
(See the recipe for the chocolate filling in the Chocolate-filled Paratha post!)

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